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Episode 218: Returning to Exercise Postpartum with Rhonda Chamberlain

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Episode 218: Returning to exercise postpartum with rhonda chamberlain

Today, Anita talks with Rhonda Chamberlain about her journey through pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery plus shifting her physiotherapy focus to working with the postpartum population – along with some tips and tricks along the way for returning to exercise after giving birth!

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1:00 – Introduction to today’s special guest: Rhonda Chamberlain!
2:17 – What invited Rhonda to work with the postpartum population?
9:45 – Did Rhonda do anything to prepare for birth (fitness, birth, additional education)?
12:50 – What are some things Rhonda helps clients with now that she wasn’t aware of during her own births?
18:02 – How does Rhonda fit movement in, and what does that look like throughout the week?
22:15 – On Athlete Brain
24:00 – What tips does Rhonda have regarding finding ways to fit in movement at any time in life?
28:29 – What did Rhonda’s running journey look like?
31:24 – What advice would Rhonda give to someone navigating the first year of postpartum recovery?
33:35 – Rhonda shares about her podcast: Pelvic Health and Fitness Podcast
35:00 – How can people work with Rhonda?
36:48 – Wrap up