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Episode 234: 5 Ways That Exercise Can Help You When Everything is Awful

by May 31, 20220 comments

Episode 234: 5 Ways that exercise can help you when everything is awful

In today’s episode, Jessie and Anita discuss ways to use exercise as a tool to help you along in your life during these times when things feel so painfully hard.
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Show Notes: 

1:04 – What we are talking about today
3:06 – #1: Exercise can force me to feel things in my body when I am feeling really numb to things
5:29 – #2: It forces me to breathe in deeper and different ways
7:04 – #3: It can help to reconnect me to a sense of power and purpose – within myself, within my body, within my life
9:00 – #4: It can really help with the aches and pains that come with stress
11:07 – #5: Completing the stress cycle
13:00 – Wrap up