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Episode 223: Exercising with Prolapse 101

by Mar 22, 20220 comments

Episode 223: Exercising with prolapse 101

In today’s episode, Jessie and Anita discuss exercising with pelvic organ prolapse, and give considerations for those who want to engage in exercise to make it a more comfortable experience physically, mentally and emotionally.
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Show Notes:

1:02 – Enrolment is now open for the FREE ‘Postnatal Pro LIVE’
3:16 – What we are talking about today!
4:04 – Consideration #1: Jumping off point – conversations around prolapse
6:23 – Consideration #2: Reconsider your relationship to symptoms and sensations you might be having with your prolapse
11:30 – Consideration #3: Symptoms are about so much more than only exercise
14:55 – Consideration #4: What we can do during exercise to help ourselves along; no general “safe” or “unsafe” list when it comes to exercise
17:58 – Consideration #5: Some specifics you might want to be thinking about on your fitness and exercise journey post prolapse
22:38 – Wrap up