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Episode 82: Fat Positive Fertility with Nicola Salmon

by Aug 27, 20190 comments


Episode 82: fat positive fertility with nicola salmon

Today, we talk with the Fat Positive Fertility Coach, Nicola Salmon, all about the truths AND misconceptions revolving around weight and fertility!

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Time Stamps:

3:23 – Introduction to Nicola Salmon and the importance of fat positive fertility!

5:57 – How did Nicola come to do this work?

11:00 – Were messages of weight loss in order to get pregnant in Nicola’s mind when she was trying to conceive? And a bit on advocating for herself.

14:00 – Where is this information people in the medical field are passing on to us regarding needing to lose weight to get pregnant? How does Nicola help her clients/patients find their voices to speak up for themselves?

17:25 – Why do problematic BMI restrictions exist for access to IVF? 

21:30 – How does Nicola work in her coaching with people who are trying to get pregnant?

23:25 – Does Nicola talk about pregnancy and instilled fears of fat pregnancy a lot with her people?

24:35 – What does body acceptance mean to Nicola?

25:45 – How does Nicola think about all of the intersectional lenses when writing about body acceptance?

28:04 – How does Nicola consult with businesses around showing up for people with bigger bodies?

30:10 – Nicola tells us all about her book, “Fat and Fertile”, and her self-publishing journey.

32:24 – Where you can learn more about and find Nicola Salmon!