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Episode 164: Fat Positive Fitness with Erin Bogle

by Mar 2, 20210 comments

Episode 164: Fat Positive Fitness with Erin Bogle

In today’s episode, Jessie talks with Erin Bogle about size-inclusivity in fitness and health industries, weight stigma, and more!

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Resources and References:

Stop Bracing Your Abs


Show Notes:

0:55 – Stop Bracing Your Abs

3:05 – Intro to our special guest, Erin Bogle!

6:13 – Let’s talk about Big Girl YYC – what it is, where it started, and where it’s going!

12:30 – Erin tells us a bit more about the energy/vibes/feelings of participants coming to class

14:40 – The fitness industry’s root in feelings of non-belonging, fatphobia, and more

16:40 – Pandemic messaging around certain types of bodies, COVID risk, and how the fitness industry has latched onto this lens

19:22 – For the fitness and health professionals listening in, what would Erin’s advice be to them for making their spaces be more size-inclusive and fat positive for clients and patients?

22:02 – Sneaky subtle ways that diet culture, fat phobia and anti-fatness show up in wellness/fitness/health spaces

27:45 – Advertisers hold all the power in their choices

29:18 – What was Erin’s relationship with her body like as she was going through pregnancy and postpartum?

35:56 – On being so distracted by our bodies in postpartum, and all it steals from us

40:33 – Wrap up