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Episode 76: Our First Year with Two Kids – with Randy George

by | Jul 16, 2019 | 0 comments

Episode 76: Our First Year with Two Kids – with Randy George

Today on To Birth and Beyond, Jessie has an intimate conversation with her partner, Randy, about their individual thoughts and feelings over the last year of being a family of four.

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Resources and References:

Episode 36: Postpartum, Marriage and Intimacy with Randy George:

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Time Stamps:

1:01 – An introduction to returning guest, Randy George!

2:22 – Quick recap of where they are now, and what early postpartum looked like for Jessie and Randy

4:30 – What was the most challenging for Randy during his 7 months of parental leave?

4:51 – Did Randy enjoy being a full time parent?

6:10 – It’s been 6 months since Randy went back to work full time…how is he feeling now?

7:12 – What has been different than either parent was expecting a year into having 2 kids?

8:16 – What – if anything – feels easy or seamless now?

8:48 – On Jessie’s resentment about being the only stay-at-home parent now, and how they work as individuals and as a couple to remedy that resentment.

15:12 – How has their marriage handled the first year postpartum with 2 kids?

17:35 – On how sometimes it feels like they are just coworkers, not partners.

19:26 – Let’s talk about sex!

24:40 – Shift parenting and its work-in-progress

26:07 – Counselling

28:40 – We talk about if we feel our individual needs are being met 1 year into being a family of four

31:47 – Summing up our year