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Episode 263: Build a Flexible Exercise Mindset in 2023

by Dec 6, 20220 comments


In today’s episode, Jessie takes a chance to talk about how to go into 2023 focussing on building a healthier relationship to exercise (instead of the onslaught of “New Year, New You” messaging).

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Show Notes:

0:55 – Applications are now open for 1:1 private online fitness coaching with Jessie (starting January 2023)!
2:30 – What Jessie is talking about today!
4:47 – Tip #1: Spend time thinking about and understanding your thoughts and feelings around your desire to exercise – and then continue to check back in with yourself about it!
8:03 – Tip #2: Practice exercising when it is inconvenient.
12:08 – Tip #3: Think about exercising intuitively…however, we need to adjust our understanding around intuitive exercise as well.
15:34 – Tip #4: Set super realistic goals.
17:51 – Tip #5: Set yourself up for success.
20:55 – Wrap up