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Episode 297: 4 Exercises for Foot & Ankle Pain in Pregnancy or Postpartum

by Aug 1, 20230 comments


Episode 297: 4 exercises for foot & ankle pain in pregnancy or postpartum

On today’s solo episode, Anita talks about the all-too-common foot and ankle pain in pregnancy or postpartum. She shares 4 exercises that her clients have found helpful – and that she has used herself – when it comes to rehabbing ankles or feet.

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0:55 – Bump to Birth Method – self study
2:55 – What we are talking about today, Anita’s experience with it, and why it’s important!
8:20 – Exercise #1: Arch ball release
10:44 – Exercise #2: Piano toes
14:30 – Exercise #3: Calf raises
17:41 – Exercise #4: Knee to wall
22:22 – Overview and wrap up