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Episode 73: Jessie’s Reflections on One Year Postpartum

by Jun 25, 20190 comments

Episode 73: Jessie’s reflections on one year postpartum

On today’s episode, Jessie celebrates her son’s 1st birthday by reflecting on the last year+, from finding out she was pregnant to today!

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Time Stamps:

2:05 – What today’s episode is all about!

3:50 – What she is feeling right now that her second child is officially 1 year old.

5:45 – Jessie recaps the story of finding out she was unexpectedly pregnant with her youngest, Theo, and the options she considered.

10:20 – How the birth of Jessie’s first daughter rocked her – and affected her feelings about committing to her second pregnancy.

12:00 – The importance of talking about ALL things pregnancy-related – and LISTENING.

12:22 – Jessie talks about her difficult pregnancy, her birth plan, and birth!

18:08 – Immediate postpartum and getting used to being a family of 4.

23:15 – Breast/Chestfeeding

26:35 – How things changed when Randy went back to work – including the building of resentment and changes in communication.

33:59 – How I have been working/building my business with two littles.

36:40 – The biggest difference between first postpartum experience and this one, and the sense of peace felt following the birth of baby #2.

39:12 – How has Jessie’s mental health been different?

42:02 – Does Jessie think about how her life would be different if she didn’t have her little boy, and does she ever feel guilt around contemplating having an abortion?

45:39 – What was easier this time around, and what was harder?

46:26 – Happy First Birthday to Theo!

48:29 – On the next episode of TBAB…