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Episode 268: Building Healthy Discipline with an Exercise Routine

by | Jan 10, 2023 | 0 comments

Episode 268: Building healthy discipline with an exercise routine

In today’s episode, Jessie takes the time to discuss what healthy discipline is around exercise (this is originally being released at the beginning of the year, during all of the “New Year, New You,” body talk). It’s time to feel more peace and calm as you go into thinking about your workout routine!

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1:01 – Jessie’s 5x5 LIVE Fitness Challenge!

4:30 – What we are talking about today!
6:13 – The spectrum of fitness marketing and messaging
8:07 – Staying flexible in your approach, but still showing up
10:07 – Why I exercise
11:30 – How I identify what healthy discipline looks and feels like to me (use these prompts for yourself):
11:46 – Question #1: How do I actually want to feel in my body?
12:42 – Question #2: How do I want to feel showing up to the rest of my life?
17:07 – What healthy discipline could look like – it all depends on YOU
19:14 – Consider that movement and exercise is good. And additional considerations
20:20 – Healthy discipline
21:00 – Wrap up