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Episode 30: All About Home Birth with Midwife Kaitlin Murray

by | Sep 4, 2018 | 1 comment

Episode 30: All About Home Birth with Midwife Kaitlin Murray

Today, we speak with Kaitlin Murray about all things regarding midwifery. How to do your research and choose one, what is done in a home birth vs. at hospital, and even how to prepare your home for birth alongside a midwife (or two)!

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Time Stamps:

1:12 – Introduction to today’s guest, Kaitlin Murray!

3:46 – What is the education required to become a registered midwife in Canada, specifically?

4:32 – What is the evidence in regards to the safety around home birth, specifically in Canada? (We know it can be different in other countries, and we encourage you to research it for your specific area!)

5:36 – Who would be considered the best candidate for a home birth?

6:23 – Differences between midwives in Canada vs. the US, and how exactly Kaitlin works with moms

7:44 – So if someone does choose to birth at home, what would be some pain relief options that are available to them?

9:00 – How long would a midwife stay with you at your birth? And how many midwives attend a typical birth at home?

10:26 – Throughout pregnancy, do you have a team? How does that work, typically, in Ontario?

12:07 – What do midwives bring to a birth?

15:10 – What might be some reasons for home births to transfer to hospital?

19:54 – What would be some reasons for transfer after baby arrives?

20:40 – A lot of people are concerned with the mess after a vaginal birth…and at home? How is that dealt with?

23:06 – What is the role of the midwife after baby is born at home? Specifically, how do you tend to the baby? What are you checking for with baby’s health?

24:18 – What does the care with a midwife look like up to 6 weeks postpartum?

26:48 – What are some questions an expectant mom should ask themselves if they are considering a home birth?

27:47 – Does Provincial Health Care in every Canadian Province cover home birth in Canada?

29:49 – How does a hospital birth differ from a home birth with a midwife?

30:48 – Question from listener, Crystal: Is a home birth more risky after multiple births?

31:46 – Can a midwife address a grade 3 hemorrhage at home?

32:34 – Is there anywhere that people can go online to find out more about midwifery care in their area?

34:55 – Some final thoughts from Kaitlin regarding what she hears about having a midwife for first baby vs. subsequent babies

36:08 – On the next episode…