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Episode 23: Hypopressives 101 with Trista Zinn

by | Jul 17, 2018 | 0 comments

Episode 23: Hypopressives 101 with Trista Zinn

In today’s episode of the To Birth and Beyond Podcast, we are talking with Trista Zinn, founder of Coreset Fitness, and a personal trainer who specializes in pelvic health and core re-programming.

She is Canada’s highest qualified and most experienced Trainer in HYPOPRESSIVE® – Low Pressure Fitness, as well as Canada’s only International course instructor and Master Trainer and biggest advocate.

Trista discusses everything hypopressives: what it means, benefits, who it is and isn’t appropriate for, and even how to get trained in it!

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Time Stamps:

1:04 – Introduction to our guest, Trista Zinn

3:01 – What ARE hypopressives?

4:33 – What are the benefits of practicing low pressure fitness?

8:41 – How did Trista come across hypopressives to begin with?

12:09 – Trista explains why what she does needs to have some in-person, hands-on work

17:00 – How would Trista describe low pressure fitness being different than a traditional kegel?

22:52 – Are hypopressives appropriate if you have HYPERtonic pelvic floor?

25:14 – Why do you think hypopressives work?

34:42 – Are there any populations who shouldn’t do hypopressives?

42:40 – How can fitness and health professionals get trained in low pressure fitness?

44:52 – Anything else our audience should know about hypopressives?

47:11 – On the next episode of the To Birth and Beyond Podcast…