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Episode 48: Q&A All About Incontinence

by | Jan 8, 2019 | 0 comments

Episode 48: Q&A All About Incontinence


On this episode, we address listener questions – and some of our own – regarding incontinence before, during and after pregnancy!

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Resources and References:


1). Video blog- your questions answered about incontinence :


Time Stamps:


1:38 – So, what really IS incontinence? (pssst – there are MANY types!)

5:17 – We got SO many questions on urge incontinence – YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

6:38 – How common is incontinence?

8:13 – What is considered “normal” incontinence postpartum?

11:23 – Is the type of incontinence correlated with birth type at ALL in the research?

12:49 – Listener Question #1: I have overactive bladder and have had to resort to medication to remedy it. Any more information or tips I could try?

20:39 – Listener Question #2: I’m 2 years postpartum, and have just started to notice some leaking during high impact exercises and heavier lifts. Why is this just starting now?

25:00 – Listener Question #3: Do you have information on leak-proof underwear? I don’t think my mental health can stand pads right now.

27:18 – Listener Question #4: I am currently 31-weeks pregnant, and I can’t seem to cough or sneeze without leaking. Does this go away after birth?

29:32 – Show wrap up

30:08 – On the next episode of To Birth and Beyond…