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Episode 97: Indigenous Birth Support with Alycia Two Bears

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Episode 97: Indigenous Birth Support with Alycia Two Bears

Today, Jessie talks with Alycia Two Bears about her work in the Indigenous birth support sphere, what brought her here, and “birthing as ceremony”!

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Resources and References:

@Alycia_Two_Bears on Instagram

Good Woman Medicine on Facebook


Time Stamps:

01:07 – An introduction to today’s topic and our special guest, Alycia Two Bears!

03:25 – What brought Alycia to doing this work she does today?

07:23 – Where is Alycia in her journey of creating a dream space of a birthing center?

10:12 – Four Directions Midwifery in Calgary – Alycia explains who they are and what they do!

14:03 – The curriculum that Alycia is creating and what does “birthing as ceremony” mean?

20:00 – What were Alycia’s birthing experiences like, was she always interested in birth, and did her birth experiences heighten her interest in helping others in their experiences?

35:52 – Within indegenous communities, is pelvic floor physiotherapy something that is talked about?

41:18 – Did Alycia feel any micro or macro aggressions in hospital because of her identity as an indigenous person?

45:52 – When Alycia was having her experiences singing songs and drumming baby into the world, what were her interactions with the medical professionals surrounding her?

48:03 – Where can people find Alycia and her work online?