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Episode 281: Informed Decision-Making During Birth with Mandy Irby

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Episode 281: Informed Decision-Making During Birth with Mandy Irby

In today’s episode, Anita invites special guest Mandy Irby on to discuss all about informed consent when it comes to birth.

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0:55 – Bump to Birth Method – self study

2:50 – What we are talking about, today!
3:04 – Anita introduces special guest, Mandy Irby
4:33 – What IS informed decision-making?
6:14 – When it comes to informed consent, does birth, itself, make that any different than if you are in any other event? Discussing how to give informed consent in different medical procedures
14:32 – Benefits, risks, alternatives: Are those typically given to patients? What is Mandy’s experience? Strategizing consent in different scenarios
29:57 – When Mandy was going through her education to be an L&D nurse, was she taught about the pelvic floor and informed consent? And the shift towards trauma-informed care
34:15 – How does Mandy educate nurses on providing information to the patient ahead of time so they are able to make that informed decision?
42:55 – Can someone stay at a birth center without having a cervical exam?
49:45 – As an L&D nurse, what would be some other examples or interventions where Mandy finds that happens?
56:09 – What would be one thing Mandy would share with someone who is expecting?
57:25 – How can listeners find Mandy?