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Episode 65: Raising Competent Eaters with Jillian Murphy

by | Apr 30, 2019 | 0 comments

Episode 65: Raising Competent Eaters with Jillian Murphy

On this week’s podcast, we talk with Jillian Murphy all about raising competent eaters…which involves doing some work, ourselves! 

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Resources and References:
IG @foodfreedombodylove
FB @jillianmurphyND


Time Stamps:

1:06 – Introduction to our special guest: Jillian Murphy!

3:06 – Jillian gives us more info on how she works, who she is working with, and why people are coming to her!

6:52 – How old do the kids Jillian works with tend to be?

8:54 – Jilian shares a bit about the training she is doing under Ellyn Satter.

11:25 – Does Jillian work with parents on their own food “stuff” when they come to work with her on their childrens’ food “stuff”?

13:19 – What does it even mean to help our kids become competent eaters? What does competent eating LOOK like?

16:28 – How did Jillian start helping her own children become competent eaters, even as toddlers?

24:09 – Are Jillian’s kids similar eaters? Do they eat TOTALLY differently? Where are they at right now at these ages and stages?

29:10 – Jillian explains the concept of “work” and “play” foods! (pssst…it has to do with taking morality out of foods!!)

40:54 – Projecting our OWN shit about bodies and food onto our kids…

44:15 – Jillian talks a little more about the parental fear regarding kids becoming “fat” in our current “thin-is-best” diet culture.

50:35 – On the topic of sugar (and how addiction to sugar is not a real thing…)

1:00:09 – Praising kids for eating…can this be problematic?

1:06:49 – Regarding choice of foods: how does Jillian recommend approaching that?

1:11:53 – What do we do when people around us commenting are on our child’s eating habits and bodies?

1:15:05 – Where can we find Jillian and her work?

1:16:19 – On the next episode of To Birth and Beyond…