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Episode 188: How to Return to Jumping Post-Pregnancy

by | Jul 27, 2021 | 0 comments

Episode 188: How to Return to Jumping Post-Pregnancy

Today, Anita and Jessie discuss myths, causes of leaking, and what can help in your journey to return to jumping as a postpartum person.

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Resources and References:

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Show Notes:


1:02 – What we are talking about today

1:35 – MYTH: If I am leaking with jumping, it must mean my pelvic floor is weak

2:33 – Coordination of your pelvic floor

4:45 – The pressure system of your pelvic floor

9:50 – What can actually help #1: Undoing a habit

12:01 – What can actually help #2: Positioning

15:20 – What can actually help #3: Going back to the breath and that core canister

19:36 – What can actually help #4: Getting back to trampoline

21:44 – What can actually help #5: Working on mobility and strength training – even without impact

23:03 – Wrap up