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Episode 216: How to Lift and Carry Your Toddler While Pregnant

by Jan 31, 20220 comments





Episode 216: how to lift and carry your toddler while pregnant

Today, Jessie and Anita talk through strategies around how to lift, how to carry, and why your toddler suddenly wants to be carried all the time - and some tips around remedying that!


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0:58 - Bump to Birth self study is open for enrollment!
2:47 - What we are talking about today!
4:44 - Tip #1: Try to get the toddler higher up before lifting them
5:36 - Tip #2: Exhale when you are lifting
7:02 - Tip #3: Try different variations on how you lift
8:02 - Tip #4: Switch sides while carrying
10:48 - Tip #5: Find ways to incorporate strength training
12:10 - Tip #6: Spend some time at toddler height