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Episode 64: Pelvic Organ Support with Lori Forner

by | Apr 23, 2019 | 0 comments

Episode 64: Pelvic Organ Support with Lori Forner

Today, we talk with pelvic health physiotherapist, Lori Forner, all things pelvic organ support!

We discuss stress incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, getting back to movements we love and high intensity exercise with pelvic organ challenges.

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Resources and References:

The Pelvic Health Podcast

Instagram: @pelvicwod

Twitter: @loriforner


Time Stamps:

2:17 – Introduction to physiotherapist Lori Forner and what she does!

13:12 – Research into stress incontinence and prolapse, and the possibility of getting folx back to the movement they love to do.

16:18 – Does lifting my child’s car seat cause prolapse?

20:03 – How have Lori’s ideas changed between when she started and now regarding her research and her PhD?

25:45 – We talk Crossfit!

27:45 – What IS pelvic organ prolapse? And for those that have it, how do we know if our pelvic floor is responding well to exercise?

41:13 – What would be 2-3 things you would address first and foremost with someone who is experiencing POP symptoms during higher intensity exercise?

55:05 – What advice is Lori giving folx who are having symptoms ramp up during certain times of their menstrual cycle?

57:49 – Lori shares a bit about levator avulsion and what might help that!

1:04:41 – Where can people find more info out about Lori?

1:05:51 – On the next episode of TBAB…