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Episode 136: The Role of Mindfulness in Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum with Mitsuzi Stone

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Episode 136: The Role of Mindfulness in Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum with Mitsuzi Stone

Today, Anita talks about the role of mindfulness in pregnancy, birth and postpartum with Mitsuzi Stone, a virtual doula, birth mindset coach, and labor and delivery nurse!

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Resources and References:

Mitsuzi Stone– Birthing Noire for more information about services, childbirth education and mindfulness program and virtual doula packages:

Instagram: Birthing_Noire

Anita’s Bump to Birth Course to prepare you, your pelvic floor and core for birth:

Time Stamps:

0:55 – Bump to Birth Course BONUS Announcement!

3:33 – Introduction to today’s guest: Mitsuzi Stone!

6:56 – On mindfulness and its role in pregnancy and birth

12:35 – How is mindfulness beneficial postpartum? – AND in your relationship with your partner!

15:09 – A new mindfulness meditation from Mitsuzi is being added to the Bump to Birth course!

15:52 – Mitsuzi dives into her virtual doula work

18:45 – What are the differences and similarities between a labor and delivery nurse and a doula?

21:44 – How has being a labor and delivery nurse changed since becoming a doula?

23:48 – As a Black mother and Black birth professional, Mitsuzi speaks to the elevated maternal and infant mortality rates among Black people in the US due to racism and chronic oppression.

28:05 – Mitsuzi shares a bit about her own birth experience and how it shapes how she works.

31:40 – What is the education she finds is provided to birthing folks of postpartum care?

32:45 – Having gone through Anita’s Bump to Birth course, what does she pass along to her clients now? – Including how helpful it is to learn about the pelvic floor!

36:25 – Top three tips on preparing for birth!

40:02 – How can people find and work with Mitsuzi?

40:49 – Mitsuzi fills us in a little bit about her mindfulness program!