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Episode 205: Why I Took a Month Off Exercise

by | Nov 16, 2021 | 0 comments

Episode 205: Why I Took a Month Off Exercise

In today’s episode, Jessie discusses why she took a month off of strength training, what it means, and why you might consider a break as well!

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Resources and References:



To Pregnancy and Beyond Pre/Postnatal Fitness Program by Jessie Mundell


Show Notes:


0:59 – Today’s show is brought to you by To Pregnancy and Beyond!

3:15 – What I’m talking about today, and why!

3:58 – Why Jessie took a month off from working out 

11:10 – Taking time away from exercise: when life stress is high, exercise stress should be low

12:55 – On the intensity of parenting

14:15 – Jessie has been doing a lot of self-talk and self-discovery around bodies – especially her thoughts around her own

16:50 – What does taking a break from exercise mean? Is exercise truly feeding your health? And more questions to ask yourself…

19:30 – Wrap up