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Episode 84: Motherhood is Hard

by | Sep 10, 2019 | 0 comments


Episode 84: motherhood is hard

This week on the show, we welcome Anita back from her summer hiatus, and discuss what is hard about motherhood for us!

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Time Stamps:

2:39 – Anita is back!

3:32 – What we are talking about today!

5:29 – Quote from @Toimarie

7:07 – What in mothering feels hard for Anita right now?

9:32 – Are the energies and depletion felt now, with two children, different than when it was just one child?

14:02 – Mothering in business

22:22 – What would help motherhood feel not-so-hard for us?

26:18 – Does fatherhood feel this hard for our husbands?