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Episode 194: The Move, “Balance”, Breasts, and More…

by | Sep 7, 2021 | 0 comments

Episode 194: The Move, “Balance”, Breasts, and More…

In today’s episode, Jessie and Anita host a Q&A of more personal nature – where they will talk about moves, balance, business priorities, and postpartum chests!

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Resources and References:


Jessie’s To Pregnancy and Beyond Program


Show Notes:


1:04 – To Pregnancy and Beyond price is going up (and more info on the program!)

3:30 – Today’s episode: a more personal Q&A!

4:00 – Question #1: Jessie, tell us about your move!

9:30 – Question #2: How do you balance it all – motherhood, business, relationships, etc?

18:04 – Question #3: I’m interested in starting a business. What do I prioritize first? When do I bring on the helpers? etc… 

25:14 – Question #4: I have been struggling to find transparency and honesty around how breastfeeding and weening can totally change a person’s chest appearance. And then I wonder: can I accept my body when I feel unhappy with one part in particular?