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Episode 37: Nursing Bras, Lingerie, and Entrepreneurship in Motherhood with Nadine Woods

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Episode 37: Nursing Bras, Lingerie, and Entrepreneurship in Motherhood with Nadine Woods

Today on the show, we have special guest, Nadine Woods. Nadine is the mastermind behind Mayana Geneviere, a lingerie line for postpartum mamas that heal – both physically and mentally.

We touch so many subjects today, from entrepreneurship and scheduling work and motherhood, to lingerie, and whether you should have underwire bras postpartum!

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Time Stamps:

1:47 – Who is Nadine Woods?

2:32 – What motivated Nadine to start her own business?

4:25 – What is the size range of the products you offer?

6:07 – How Nadine’s company is socially responsible.

8:24 – Undergarments as a part of one’s well-being.

11:46 – What were some of Nadine’s biggest challenges in opening a business while being a mom?

14:08 – What does Nadine love the most, and what are the most difficult aspects of being an entrepreneur?

15:31 – What does a day in the life of Nadine Woods look like?

17:39 – What does Nadine’s team look like?

19:33 – What was the feedback and comments from customers initially when Nadine released her line?

21:25 – What advice does she have for expecting, new, and seasoned moms about postpartum body image?

24:00 – What should moms know about shopping for undergarments, especially during that postpartum period?

26:18 – When should we get measured for a bra postpartum?

28:10 – To underwire or NOT to underwire postpartum?

30:27 – What is Maternal Goddess (non-profit), and what is its mission?

33:06 – Did Nadine always know she wanted to own a business one day?

34:12 – Advice for moms who are considering opening their own businesses.

35:27 – What is Nadine’s long term vision for her business?

36:37 – What does Nadine say to those women who are on the fence about purchasing lingerie in postpartum?

39:17 – Final thoughts from Nadine, and request for feedback!

40:56 – On the next episode of To Birth and Beyond…