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Episode 29: Combining Naturopathic and Birth Doula Support with Rachel Schwartzman

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Episode 29: Combining Naturopathic and Birth Doula Support with Rachel Schwartzman

Today, we speak with our friend, Rachel Schwartzman, about the combination of naturopathic and birth doula support. How do the two fit together to create a complete support system? What are the roles of each pre and postpartum? And even which prenatal vitamins are best – and what Rachel recommends for people who struggle to swallow them!

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Time Stamps:

1:11 – Today we have with us Rachel Schwartzman (and an intro to Rachel)

2:16 – What led you to naturopathic medicine? And to focusing on pregnant people?

5:28 – What does being an expert in the field of natural birth mean for Rachel?

6:50 – How can a naturopath complement my prenatal care if I am already seeing a midwife or a medical doctor?

9:13 – Prenatal Vitamins: How do you know which are best?

12:51 – What does Rachel recommend for people who are struggling to swallow a prenatal vitamin?

14:28 – What are ways that a naturopath can help with common pregnancy issues (heartburn, morning sickness, low iron…)?

16:57 – Can a naturopathic doctor help expectant moms ahead of time for Group B Strep Test?

17:59 – Rachel talks to us about the ways that she prepares her patients for labor.

20:30 – Is there anything specific she does to help people prepare for an elective C-section?

21:28 – What is the difference between a naturopathic doula and doula with an ND background?

24:17 – What are the three most common issues that people are going to Rachel with postpartum?

26:50 – Rachel shares more about the practice that she co-owns.

32:24 – When did Rachel start her naturopathic doula services and how did she work that with little ones?

35:37 – Where can people find Rachel online and contact her to work with her further?

36:29 – On the next episode of To Birth and Beyond…