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Episode 49: The Decision to Have or Not Have Children with Nicki Mundell

by | Jan 15, 2019 | 0 comments

Episode 49: The Decision to Have or Not Have Children with Nicki Mundell


On today’s episode, we talk about not only the decision to have or not have children, but also the public conversation around it in 2019, the “right” things to do when it comes to your family, and the feelings we have all had regarding this topic and beyond!

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1:04 – Welcome our guest and introduce our episode subject!

2:34 – DISCLAIMER: This discussion will have limited viewpoints because it is between three white, cisgender, heterosexual women, none of who are having fertility issues.

3:09 – Jessie’s approach and coming to terms with her own decision(s).

9:34 – Nicki’s approach to decision-making around having children.

15:02 – Are Nicki’s responses to folx asking her why she hasn’t had kids different now than when she was younger?

17:09 – How Nicki feels about the prospect of having kids, currently.

19:52 – When people ask, “Why don’t you want kids?” what do you feel their response is versus your response?

21:44 – The stigma around being selfish.

22:20 – We discuss what questions Nicki’s partner gets about the possibility of having kids.

24:49 – Anita’s history with the public conversation around her having kids, and thoughts on the nature of the public conversation in 2019.

29:22 – The “right thing to do” in giving your child a sibling, and building your family around the sex of a baby.

34:24 – The wish that people would focus on other areas of life with their inquisitive nature.

35:51 – What questions and ideas Anita received from her family while growing up.

37:10 – Motherhood has been putting life/career on hold for a period of time – we knew that going into it. And the timeline that exists with this idea.

41:18 – 2 reminders as we wrap up for those at any point in the decision-making process!

43:05 – The question shift depending on age…

45:30 – We encourage people to…

46:34 – On the next episode of the To Birth and Beyond Podcast…