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Episode 62: Obstetrical Acupuncture with Anna Dix

by | Apr 9, 2019 | 0 comments

Episode 62: Obstetrical Acupuncture with Anna Dix

In today’s episode we talk with special guest Anna Dix all about acupuncture in and around pregnancy!

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Time Stamps:

2:30 – Introduction to today’s special guest!

4:18 – What led Anna to acupuncture, and specifically into pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

7:02 – Anna explains what acupuncture is, and how it works in the body.

12:17 – Why my pregnant people come to see Anna?

20:15 – Is there specific evidence-based information on acupuncture during pregnancy, for prep for labor, etc?

25:03 – Anna explains a little bit about yin and yang in regards to acupuncture!

28:53 – Anna talks more about using acupuncture to induce labor…does it work?

36:30 – Anna talks about turning breach babies.

46:02 – What actually happens when Anna goes to a birth?

55:17 – How soon after birth does Anna provide acupuncture for someone, and why would someone want acupuncture treatments postpartum?

1:03:17 – C-Section scars: how early would Anna work in that area, and does she treat around it?

1:06:20 – An AMAZING story from one of Jessie’s clients!

1:08:10 – Where can we find Anna online?