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Episode 99: Q&A Painful Sex and Sexual Intimacy

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Episode 99: Q&A Painful Sex and Sexual Intimacy


Today, Anita and Jessie answer YOUR questions about painful sexual intimacy – including what the pain might mean, how to seek help, and remedies!

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Time Stamps:


1:03 – What we are talking about today: addressing questions about painful sex!

2:06 – Why is vaginal penetration pleasurable in some positions, but painful in others? Are there specific positions Anita would recommend?

6:04 – If we have sex for “too long” it becomes painful – almost like a burning sensation – why?

11:52 – Why might sex (vaginal penetration) be painful after a C-section?

16:34 – Clitoral touch sensation is too much lately. This is new…why?

19:05 – What are the options when you can’t see a pelvic floor physical therapist?

25:17 – Will it [pain during sexual intimacy] get better naturally over time?

29:25 – Show wrap up!