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Episode 224: Partner Labour Support Strategies

by | Mar 29, 2022 | 0 comments

Episode 224: Partner labour support strategies

In today’s episode, Anita goes over partner roles and responsibilities, as well as tips to prepare yourself and your partner for birth – including ways your partner can support you in order for you to stay present during the process.
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Show Notes:

0:54 – The waitlist for Anita’s Bump to Birth Method group online program is OPEN!
2:20 – Anita announces her FREE Live Masterclass coming up in the next month!
3:19 – What today’s episode is all about
6:44 – Tip #1 (How your partner can support you during birth): Make sure you stay hydrated during labour
7:43 – Tip #2: Remind you to pee every 1-2 hours
8:26 – Tip #3: Remind you to change positions
10:12 – Tip #4: Understand “induction”
10:31 – Tip #5: Know birthing positions (for medicated AND unmedicated)
12:49 – Tip #6: Know ways to help minimize tearing
13:08 – Tip #7: Know interventions
13:40 – Tip #8: Does your partner know your birth preferences?
15:55 – Tip #9: How can your partner advocate for you during birth?
17:05 – Wrap up (why this is all so important)