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Episode 184: What Happens in a Pelvic Floor Assessment?

by | Jun 29, 2021 | 0 comments

Episode 184: What Happens in a Pelvic Floor Assessment?

In today’s episode, Jessie talks with Anita about what happens in a pelvic floor assessment, how it can benefit pregnant and postpartum people, as well as what questions to ask and considerations for your appointment.

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Show Notes:


0:55 – Introduction to today’s episode

2:55 – What does a pelvic health physiotherapist do, and what does a pelvic floor assessment for postpartum patients look like?

11:20 – Pregnant clients and pelvic floor assessments

12:50 – What are pelvic health physios looking for in terms of endurance of the pelvic floor?

13:45 – How is strength measured?

14:59 – Is there any correlation between someone’s birth type and the results of their assessment?

16:30 – In what position(s) are people assessed?