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Episode 75: You Do Not Need Perfect Pelvic Floor Function

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Episode 75: You Do Not Need Perfect Pelvic Floor Function

Today, Jessie guides us all through ways to function when pelvic floor function isn’t perfect!

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1:12 – Introduction to today’s podcast subject!

1:58 – What IS “perfect” pelvic floor function, and why do we feel we need it?

3:35 – We don’t need to stop living until we have “perfect” function!…and the common experience of holding ourselves back.

4:50 – We CAN manage pelvic organ prolapse, pain, etc.!

5:50 – On seeking help. 

7:18 – How to listen to your body to get on the path to doing what we want – even if we don’t have “perfect” pelvic floor function!

10:17 – P #1 (of the 4 Ps): Peeing

11:40 – P #2: Pain

12:06 – P #3: Peaking

14:05 – P #4: Pressure

16:25 – On adjusting through the 4 Ps

17:38 – A last note for trainers, coaches and health professionals