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Episode 131: Pelvic Health Tips from Top Pelvic Health Physiotherapists

by | Jul 21, 2020 | 0 comments

Episode 131: Pelvic Health Tips from Top Pelvic Health Physiotherapists

Today, we asked multiple pelvic health physiotherapists to share their favorite pelvic health tips with us!

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Resources and References:

Anita Lambert

Cohost of To Birth & Beyond Podcast

Online birth prep course:

IG: @holistichealthphysio

FB: @holistichealthphysio

Free ebook: 3 misconceptions when preparing your pelvic floor for birth (and what to do instead)

Video: Flower bloom breath

Amber N. Brown

IG: @rootptwell

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Tia Ukpe-Wallace

IG: @selfcarephysio

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Podcast: The Masterful Art of Self Care


Joanne Ukposidolo

IG: @yourphysio_jo


Melissa Dessaulles

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Nelly Faghani

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Munira Hudani

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Trish Brunelle

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Melissa Wong

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Lori Forner

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Chana Ross

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Robyn Synnott

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Carolyn Vandyken

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Sara Reardon

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Uchenna Ossai

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Kenael Segal


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Kate Roddy

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Juan Michelle Martin

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Sheela Zelmer

IG: @sheelazelmer


Time Stamps:

0:54 – Body Talk Workshop Promo

3:32 – Welcome, and tips from Anita

8:05 – Tia Wallace Tips

10:05 – Joanne Ukposidolo Tips

11:48 – Melissa Dessaulles Tips

13:43 – Amber Brown Tips

15:10 – Nelly Fugani Tips

17:10 – Munira Hudani Tips

19:33 – Trish Brunelle Tips

21:44 – Melissa Wong Tips

23:39 – Lori Forner Tips

25:46 – Chana Ross Tips

27:40 – Robyn Synnott Tips

29:51 – Carolyn Vandyken Tips

32:41 – Sara Reardon Tips

34:45 – Uchenna Ossai Tips

36:02 – Kenaeal Segal Tips

38:13 – Kate Roddy Tips

39:50 – Juan Michelle Martin Tips

42:06 – Sheela Zelmer Tips

43:40 – Wrap up