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Episode 203: Perinatal Mental Health with Candice Thomas

by Nov 2, 20210 comments

Episode 203: Perinatal Mental Health with Candice Thomas

In today’s episode, Anita talks with Candice Thomas about her experience with perinatal mental health, the gaps in healthcare, and how she is working to mend those gaps.

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Resources and References:


Anita’s Bump to Birth Method online program:

Evergreen Massage Therapy

IG: Evergreen_rmt


Bill 176 : Maternal Mental Health Act 2021

Canadian perinatal mental health collaborative


Show Notes:


0:56 – The Bump to Birth Method on demand is open for enrollment!

2:53 – Introduction to our special guest, Candice Thomas

8:38 – What was missing in terms of support and resources for Candice’s first pregnancy?

19:38 – What are Candice’s thoughts on the statistic: 98.5% of care providers say the current system is insufficient for supporting perinatal mental health?

26:48 – Candice shares more about the Canadian perinatal mental health collab

29:08 – What was missing regarding medical care in Candice’s postpartum experiences?

47:03 – What is a piece of advice Candice has for us in terms of perinatal mental health?

49:45 – Candice shares about the meditation side of her offerings

51:40 – Where you can connect with Candice online and in person!

52:55 – Wrap up