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Episode 153: The Journey to Perineal Scar Revision with Hayley Chisholm

by | Dec 15, 2020 | 0 comments

Episode 153: The Journey to Perineal Scar Revision with Hayley Chisholm

In today’s episode, Jessie talks with Hayley Chisholm about her experience of vaginal scarring and pain across multiple births, and how she chose to resolve it with surgery.

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Jessie’s Glute Getter Guide:

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Show Notes:

0:57 – Introducing Jessie’s Glute Getter Guide!

2:30 – What we are talking about today with our special guest, Hayley!

3:09 – Hayley discusses the procedure she had done

4:50 – Hayley’s first birth story into preparation for her second birth

15:00 – Planned recovery from birth #2

17:30 – Urogynecologist visit and decision around the scar tissue

19:15 – Surgery preparation and recovery

22:03 – How long postpartum was Hayley when she had her surgery?

22:55 – The idea of “suffering through” the pain as a vulva-bearing human, and advocating for yourself

24:20 – On vaginal steaming and Hayley’s experience with it

27:23 – Addressing the privilege to access care, and insurance

30:31 – What is Hayley’s continued management and recovery 5 months post surgery?

32:35 – On advocating for yourself