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Episode 98: Pelvic Physical Therapy for Transgender and Non-Binary People

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Episode 98: Pelvic Physical Therapy for Transgender and Non-Binary People

Today, Jessie talks with Dr. Krystyna Holland, a Pelvic Physical Therapist who works with transgender and non-binary people, post vaginoplasty.

We discuss how Dr. Krystyna came to this work, define some important terms, and learn how she guides her patients moving forward from surgery about their pelvic floor function.

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Time Stamps:

1:03 – An introduction to today’s topic and our special guest, Dr. Krystyna Holland!

3:03 – How Dr. Holland got to where she is today!

11:20 – What does it look like in Dr. Holland’s business now?
12:50 – Dr. Holland defines some very important terms for us!

14:31 – The folx that Dr. Holland works with.

15:07 – DISCLAIMER: Anatomical terms will be used in our discussion today.

17:40 – When a first session happens with Dr. Holland, and what happens in that session.

26:10 – The cost of surgery and how it all works in the insurance system in the US.

28:30 – After the 7-day post op, when do patients see Dr. Holland again?

30:40 – What is Dr. Holland’s mindset so she can be a compassionate, effective provider?

34:15 – From a physical touch standpoint, what are the tissue differences between cisgender and transgender vulvas?

37:00 – What Dr. Holland tells patients about their pelvic floor function moving forward?

40:50 – How long is it until people feel back on their feet after surgery?

42:46 – Anxiety and mistakes around trans verbiage, especially in trans care.

48:18 – Where we can find Dr. Krystyna Holland online!