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Episode 180: Meet 10 Postnatal and Health Experts of the PFSA

by | Jun 8, 2021 | 0 comments

Episode 180: PFSA Guest Lecturers

In today’s episode we are highlighting a compilation of 10 guest lecturers we get to learn from in the Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy.

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Show Notes:

00:56 – Introduction to today’s episode

2:49 – Intersectionality with Ericka Hart

5:50 – Relationship between severity of diastasis and symptoms with Munira Hudani

7:50 – How to ask if your client might have experienced birth trauma with Shannon Kane

9:48 – The goal of fat loss with Chrissy King

12:38 – Acknowledging thin privilege with Christy Harrison

15:40 – First session back to training after a loss with Aditi Loveridge

17:46 – Body alignment as it relates to pain/prolapse symptoms with Antony Lo

19:32 – One of the most common causes of pain during sex with Tracy Sher

20:59 – Exercises throughout the menstrual cycle with Rishma Walji

22:37 – Believing that you belong here with Topsie VandenBosch