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Episode 261: Physical Recovery Tips for C-Section Births

by | Nov 22, 2022 | 0 comments


In today’s episode, Jessie and Anita dive deep into the physical recovery after having a cesarean birth. Of course we’ve discussed this throughout the lifetime of the podcast – but we are constantly looking to go deeper and update any information from before. Because, just like you, we are constantly learning and growing! Enjoy!
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Show Notes:

0:58 – Black Friday/Cyber Monday is on NOW!

3:20 – What we are talking about today!
4:30 – Jessie discusses the physical recovery from the birth of her youngest – a planned C Section – as well as a little more on the unplanned caesarean of her first birth
10:10 – Staying on top of your pain meds
12:44 – Planning ahead for support
13:46 – Uncomfortable movements post-caesarean – and some tips to make them less uncomfortable!
21:16 – Scar care
24:32 – Returning to exercise post-caesarean
28:37 – Wrap up!