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Episode 117: How Stress is Related to Pain – the Polyvagal Theory

by | Apr 21, 2020 | 0 comments

Episode 117: How Stress is Related to Pain – the Polyvagal Theory

On today’s episode, Anita and special guest, Robyn Synnott, how stress and overwhelm affect our boy, particularly our experience of pain.

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Resources and References:

Anita’s free guide : 3 Tips to Help Pelvic Floor Connection in Pregnancy to Prepare for Birth Without doing 100s of Kegels a Day

Robyn Synnott, Registered Physiotherapist
IG: Physio.Robyn
IG: YourEbbandFlow
FB: Robyn Synnott, Registered Physiotherapist

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Time Stamps:

2:00 – Introduction to today’s guest, Robynn Synnott

6:45 – What happens when we experience stress?

19:04 – What does pain have to do with stress?

26:00 – On previous experiences contributing to pain and stress later in life.

27:10 – Myths around pain

31:59 – How can we address both pain and stress?

35:04 – Is all stress bad for us?

38:40 – What are some good ways we can release tension to calm our nervous system?

55:00 – How can all of this stress impact pregnancy and postpartum?

1:06:00 – What is the key takeaway from this episode?