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Episode 19: Pelvic Organ Prolapse with Haley Shevener

by | Jun 19, 2018 | 0 comments

Episode 19: Pelvic Organ Prolapse with Haley Shevener

On today’s episode of the To Birth and Beyond podcast, we welcome our friend, Haley Shevener, and she is here to talk all things pelvic organ prolapse with us! We cover guidelines in those first days following diagnosis, exercising with prolapse, and common misconceptions around prolapse and recovery!

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Resources and References:

1. Haley’s closed, free Facebook community group: POP Fitness

2. Instagram and Facebook: @haleyshevener 

3. Website: HERE.

4). Snatch: A Female Inclusive Approach to Kettlebell Training.

Snatch, is Haley’s brand-new online Kettlebell training course. For a discounted rate, please use the following coupon codes at checkout: TBAB (for the one-time payment option) or TPABPAYMENTPLAN (for the payment plan option).

See it HERE.

Time Stamps:

1:37 – Introduction: Haley Shevener

3:34 – What has her journey in fitness been like up to this point?

4:57 – Haley talks more about her experience with pregnancy and postpartum exercise!

6:40 – Haley tells a little more about her journey with pelvic organ prolapse – as well as up until that point and into a few months later

14:10 – What has changed from those early months following the prolapse diagnosis? What were the initial guidelines following the diagnosis?

23:19 – What are the most common questions Haley gets from her community about exercising with prolapse, and what is common advice she gives?

27:28 – Haley talks about the purpose behind her Facebook group, POP Fitness (

31:05 – Why Haley loves kettlebell training

32:22 – Has there been a missing component of addressing the core and pelvic floor from the big names in kettlebell certification? And, now that Haley brings it up more, is it discussed more?

36:00 – What are the most common misconceptions you are hearing about kettlebell training for those with core or pelvic floor dysfunction?

41:37 – Haley talks a little more about her upcoming online course: SNATCH

48:17 – Next time, on To Birth and Beyond…