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Episode 289: Postpartum Exercise and Prioritizing Your Own Care

by Jun 6, 20230 comments



EPISODE 289: postpartum exercise and prioritizing your own care 


In today’s episode, Jessie talks with To Pregnancy and Beyond member, Karla, about body image, experiencing your body change through pregnancies, postpartum, and as you age, the highs and lows in the struggle of body image, and how we can use exercise to support big transitions in lives and bodies! Karla shares how she uses exercise to prioritize her own care, and the ways she boundaries that care.

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0:58 – Intro to the episode

2:33 – Intro to today’s special guest, Karla!
3:50 – What has happened over the last year for Karla re: exercise, why did she come into the program, and where she is now with exercise and experience in her body?
8:49 – How has exercise supported Karla’s mental health in her parenting and life journey?
13:10 – On setting boundaries around self care and well being
16:15 – On Karla’s previous strength training experience and how she operates in terms of work outs
19:13 – Has relationship to her body and body image been a tricky thing for Karla in the past? How does she define where she is now in her body image journey?
23:47 – What would Karla tell folks who are considering To Pregnancy and Beyond?
25:17 – Wrap up!