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Episode 296: Postpartum Training – The Top 5 Things to Teach Your Clients

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Episode 296: Postpartum Training – the top 5 things to teach your clients

On today’s solo episode, Jessie breaks down the top 5 things to teach your postnatal clients if you are in a fitness or exercise coaching modality, and/or working in physiotherapy, massage, athletic therapy!

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Resources and references


1:00 – Free, on demand, pelvic floor coaching workshop: Beyond the Kegel

2:26 – What I am talking about today!
3:15 – #1: Teach your clients what the core and pelvic floor are, as well as their roles
7:15 – #2: Teach your clients how to connect to the core and pelvic floor, specifically using their breath
10:20 – #3: Teach your clients ribcage and pelvic mobility
12:54 – #4: Remind your clients about body confidence, trust in the body, and body neutrality – help them to feel calm and confident in this version of their body
16:33 – #5: Educate on pelvic health symptoms, and develop a flare up plan for workouts AND daily life
19:14 – Episode recap and wrap up