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Episode 341: Postpartum Sexual Health with Rachel Ollivier

by | May 28, 2024 | 0 comments

Episode 341: Postpartum Sexual Health with Rachel Ollivier

In today’s episode, Anita talks with Rachel Ollivier, PhD NP(F) all about sexual health after birth. We cover why Rachel chose this area of research and what is being found, as well as tips to navigate pain, intimacy, and body image postpartum.

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Show Notes 

0:59 – Introduction to today’s special guest
2:48 – What encouraged Rachel to dive into this area of research?
4:39 – What came up in Rachel’s research around the blanket 6-weeks postpartum as a milestone to have intercourse?
9:17 – What did Rachel encounter in her research regarding pain postpartum?
14:07 – What has Rachel found regarding how stress internalizes in the body and can affect the postpartum experience?
17:06 – Rachel shares some practical tips around navigating sex and intimacy postpartum
23:30 – Rachel discusses some of the differences she found in her research between first time birthing people and someone who has given birth multiple times
28:00 – What did Rachel come across in her research regarding postpartum body image?
32:48 – Anita and Rachel discuss the unnecessary pressures around returning to pleasure
35:23 – What is some advice Rachel would give a pregnant person around postpartum sexual health?
37:40 – What kind of research is Rachel up to now?
39:00 – Where you can find Rachel online!