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Episode 162: Posture Tips for Pregnancy and Postpartum

by | Feb 16, 2021 | 0 comments

Episode 162: Posture Tips for Pregnancy and Postpartum

In today’s episode, Jessie and Anita discuss myths and tips around posture in pregnancy AND postpartum!

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Resources and References:

Anita’s Instagram Reel showing different sitting options

Anita’s Instagram Post showing variations using a birth ball that can help with low back pain


Show Notes:

1:02 – What we’re talking about today

1:40 – On cueing posture and good vs. bad posture

4:30 – How does Jessie talk about posture with her online membership?

6:38 – On freedom from the posture you “should” be in

8:00 – Advice for standing postures in pregnancy

14:51 – Advice for seated postures in pregnancy

20:47 – Advice for standing posture postpartum

21:53 – Movement

25:05 – Is it posture that is causing these symptoms?

26:17 – Wrap up