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Episode 33: Pregnancy Support Garments

by | Sep 25, 2018 | 0 comments

Episode 33: Pregnancy Support Garments

Today is episode #3 of our 3-part pregnancy miniseries: Pregnancy Belly Support Garments. We go over what has worked for us, as well as talk through different brands, and why it’s important to talk about supporting one another in our belly support choices!

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Resources and References:

Angel care support band:

Fit splint:™.html

Rock tape:

Bao Bei maternity pro bump support band:

Bao Bei maternity leggings:

Jessie’s vlog demo of first 3 products:


Time Stamps:

1:05 – What we are talking about today in part 3 of our Pregnancy Miniseries!
1:18 – Listener review of the week

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2:00 – How or where we each felt different around the abdomen area in pregnancy 1 and pregnancy 2

4:53 – Some of the items we have tried out for belly support

15:07 – Key suggestions for any abdominal support

17:11 – Episode wrap up

18:10 – On the next episode of TBAB