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Episode 243: Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition 101 with Kristin Brown, Registered Dietician

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Episode 243: Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition 101 with Kristin Brown, Registered Dietician

In today’s episode, Anita talks with Kristin Brown about everything from prenatal vitamins, to protein, vitamin D, and meal trains – all in support of YOU in pregnancy and postpartum!

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Show Notes:

0:57 – Anita’s Bump to Birth Method – self study
2:53 – Introduction to our special guest: Kristin Brown!
3:52 – What does it look like working with a dietician in pregnancy?
5:55 – What should someone look for in a prenatal vitamin, and when should they start taking them?
11:30 – Why would a prenatal vitamin contribute to nausea?
14:10 – Any recommendations re: iron?
16:18 – What are some myths around food in pregnancy?
20:03 – How can people get some of these nutrients in other ways – if they don’t eat eggs or fish?
25:10 – Tips so everything doesn’t go out the window in postpartum
27:40 – Nutrients we haven’t covered that are important in pregnancy and postpartum
30:18 – Vitamin D guidelines for birthing parents and babies
33:07 – Why focus on magnesium?
36:44 – What on the nutritional side could help people manage nausea?
41:00 – What does Kristin suggest re: protein powders?
44:52 – What are some of Kristin’s favorite tips and recipes to think ahead, for those who are pregnant?
49:52 – Kristin shares from her birth experience to help others birthing twins
53:55 – How can people work with Kristin?