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Episode 258: Preparing Physically and Mentally for Birth with Chana Ross

by | Nov 1, 2022 | 0 comments

Episode 258: Preparing physically and mentally for birth with chana ross

In today’s episode, Anita talks with Chana Ross of Vital Physiotherapy and Wellness all about strategies and tips to mentally and physically prepare for your birth!
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Show Notes:

0:53 – Bump to Birth self study is available to purchase TODAY!

2:47 – Intro to today’s episode
4:00 – Who is Anita Lambert?
5:56 – Why we are going to keep talking about birth and advocating for yourself!
7:40 – The importance of partner preparation
8:48 – What are the foundations of birth prep?
12:09 – What happens when you don’t prepare for birth (fight or flight/protection mode)
13:20 – On mobility work
14:06 – Finding things that will keep you focused during contractions
14:36 – Understanding the process of labor and knowing what questions to ask for informed decision-making
15:07 – What if someone is planning for an epidural? 
18:39 – Optimizing your birth experience
20:30 – Self judgment around “best practices” for birth
21:30 – Wrap up on the topic