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Ep 18: Q&A Round 2

by Jun 12, 20180 comments

Episode 18: Q&A Round 2

On today’s episode, we are back to answer all of your burning questions in our Q&A Round 2! We cover everything from the possibility of rehabbing prolapse without surgery, to practicing inversions in pregnancy, and even how to stay relaxed during labor – in ADDITION to breathing techniques!

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Time Stamps:

1:21 – Prolapse 101: What is it? How do you get it? Etc…

8:42 – What is the likelihood of rehabbing prolapse without surgery in a grade 1 or 2, where severity is lesser?

11:13 – How do you know if your PT is educated on the topic of prolapse?

12:58 – When my doctor says I have a slight cystocele and seems utterly unconcerned, should I be unconcerned as well?

15:19 – What are your go-to snacks or tiny meals that are decently healthy?

19:16 – Is it safe to practice inversions while being pregnant?

21:37 – Can you put too much tension into your pelvic floor from having sex?

24:41 – Is it worth seeing a physio who does internal work in their practice? And when should I start doing internal work during pregnancy?

29:02 – If you are looking for a new pelvic health physio, what are some big things to look for in choosing the best provider for you? Any red flags?

32:46 – Aside from breathing techniques – how can I stay relaxed during labor?

38:56 – On the next episode…