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Episode 193 – Replay: Q&A on Pregnancy Exercise

by | Aug 31, 2021 | 0 comments

Episode 193 – Replay: Q&A on Pregnancy Exercise 

In today’s replay of episode 106, Anita and Jessie answer YOUR questions about how to exercise – and what to avoid – in pregnancy!

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Resources and References:


Jessie’s To Pregnancy and Beyond Program


Show Notes:


0:00 – Show Intro

0:52 – Jessie’s To Pregnancy and Beyond Program

3:43 – What we are talking about today!

4:11 – Question #1: I didn’t exercise regularly before pregnancy #2. Can I start now, and how, at 20 weeks pregnant?

9:41 – Question #2:I keep hearing things about keeping my heart rate under a certain number during pregnancy exercise. Can you clarify?

11:38 – Question #3: When do I have to pay more attention to doing more exercises on my back?

15:21 – Question #4: Should belly coning always be avoided? Does it mean damage is happening to the linea alba?

17:35 – Question #5: Is it a good idea to include core work throughout pregnancy?

20:48 – Question #6: Are pelvic girdle pain and round ligament pain related? Can running be a cause of round ligament pain to the point you injure yourself?

25:03 – Question #7: I’m used to holding my breath/bracing during each rep during heavy weightlifting. Do I continue this throughout pregnancy?

28:03 – Question #8: Should we modify our pregnancy workouts ONLY when there are symptoms or pain?

30:48 – Question #9: Squatting exercises during pregnancy – should I avoid them?

33:03 – Wrap up!