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Episode 116: Relationships During a Pandemic, with Couples Counselor, Erin Hinton

by | Apr 14, 2020 | 0 comments

Episode 116: Relationships During a Pandemic, with Couples Counselor, Erin Hinton

On today’s episode, Jessie talks with Couples Counselor, Erin Hinton, all about relationships during a pandemic!

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Time Stamps:

3:15 – Introduction to today’s special guest!

4:15 – How we are doing during this time.

6:27 – How do I negotiate the differences in social distancing between extended family? What if I need to self-isolate from those in my home, or work?

16:47 – Now that people are in their homes a LOT more – especially with their partner(s) and relationships – what advice would Erin give to people who are managing their emotions, reactions, etc. to this pandemic differently?

22:30 – Parenting expectations…What is Erin seeing with her clients in this new dynamic of parenting together and the struggles that come along with it?

28:17 – How do parents manage their already full load + caretaking 24/7 + managing schedules?

37:22 – Home is potentially not a safe place for people in relationships to be. What advice does Erin have for those people?

41:02 – Last words of wisdom from Erin Hinton.