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Episode 246: REPLAY – Exercising with Prolapse 101

by Aug 16, 20220 comments

Episode 246: replay – exercising with prolapse 101

In today’s replay of episode 223, Jessie and Anita discuss exercising with pelvic organ prolapse, and give considerations for those who want to engage in exercise to make it a more comfortable experience physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Show Notes:

0:58 – FREEBIE: The Coach’s Guide to Leading Streamlined, Successful, and Profitable Prenatal and Postnatal Group Fitness Classes

3:06 – What we are talking about today!
3:54 – Consideration #1: Jumping off point – conversations around prolapse
6:13 – Consideration #2: Reconsider your relationship to symptoms and sensations you might be having with your prolapse
11:20 – Consideration #3: Symptoms are about so much more than only exercise
14:45 – Consideration #4: What we can do during exercise to help ourselves along; no general “safe” or “unsafe” list when it comes to exercise
17:48 – Consideration #5: Some specifics you might want to be thinking about on your fitness and exercise journey post prolapse
22:28 – Wrap up